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We offer buyback contracts on several different crops, ensuring security to our growers with multiple guaranteed markets and various movement terms to suit individual needs.

The majority of our buyback offers are break crop opportunities and suitable alternatives for systems where OSR is no longer viable, while maintaining a decent gross margin. All of our crops can be supported by an Agrii agronomist who has experience growing innovation crops and access to the knowledge developed by our Research and Development team.

All the crops below are only available on a buyback contract with us. To discuss the options and what might be suitable for your farming system, please get in contact with us. 

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Pulses remain a good option as a break crop, with benefits relating to rotation, soil enhancements, residual nitrogen and weed control. They also offer very good gross margin potential.

Given the historical nature of fluctuations in crop areas of peas in particular - processors and end users are increasingly becoming more tuned into forward contracts, which offer supply stability for both growers and the end market. 

Growing human consumption pea varieties can produce the highest returns, but some varieties may not be as easy to manage and the end value is subject to the final quality. Special attention to care of the crop throughout its whole life is very important in assuring the best quality is produced and retained through to delivery to the processor. Colour retention is key, aligned with the required moisture content, but this must be achieved without damage or cracking.

We recommend early registration of interest by growers.


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