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At GB Seeds our grain trading expertise offers forward purchasing throughout the UK to providing our customers continuity of supply from season to season. We value the relationship we build with growers on various commodities through our premium buyback opportunities.  This also keeps a closed loop supply chain allow easy traceability. We also look for open market opportunities where we optimise price to the grower for their efforts. We provide ease of delivery to customers as we have the facilities to test all open market purchases at our onsite laboratory.


Over the past few years we have turned our attention to UK grown crops developing our buyback portfolio.  Unfortunately on some products this isn’t possible so we have the capabilities of sourcing a variety of products from other origins, be in bulk trucks or containers, but our main focus is to reduce road miles and cutdown on carbon emissions.


As well as offering bulk as-grown deliveries to our customers we do have cleaning and bagging facilities.  A range of our cleaned products are listed below but if required we are more than happy to try and source, clean and package to the customer specification if a product is not listed.

  • Naked Oats

  • Dari Red

  • Dari White

  • Brown Linseed

  • Maple Peas

  • Blue/Green Peas

  • Yellow/White Peas

  • Barley

  • Maize Whole

  • Millet Red

  • Millet White

  • Rapeseed (Black)

  • Safflower

  • Tares

  • Canary Seed

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For any services not listed on this page such as conventional seed, nutrition, crop protection or agronomy, please contact Agrii's Customer Services team on 0845 6073322.

We are working hard to bring innovation crops to market, especially with many farmers looking at alternatives to OSR. This work should help increase farm resilience and provide short supply chains into market. 


Close collaboration with our R&D colleagues within the Agrii business enables us to thoroughly assess proof of concept for new crop opportunities. This includes how and where to grow crops, through to where products would fit into the supply chain, to differing quality parameters.

You can read more about our work with innovation crops, extending rotations and increasing future farm resilience in Agrii's Green Horizons Insight Reports - just click on the documents in the image to view them.

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We offer secure buyback contracts on a number of different crops, increasing options available to growers to diversify their cropping rotation. Most of the crops we work with can be considered break crops, which can slot into existing rotations for various benefits. Alongside the Agrii R&D team, we have selected the best varieties and developed the agronomics for each of the crops to excel in the UK climate. We are continuing to develop and enhance our portfolio, working with end-users and R&D, to have more options available to growers.

We are happy to discuss any of our opportunities and help aid your decision in finding the best niche crop for your system.


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