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We offer buyback contracts on several different crops, ensuring security for our growers with multiple guaranteed markets and various movement terms to suit individual needs.

The majority of our buyback offers are break crop opportunities and suitable alternatives for systems where OSR is no longer viable, while maintaining a decent gross margin. All of our crops can be supported by an Agrii agronomist who has experience growing innovation crops and access to the knowledge developed by our Research and Development team.

All the crops below are only available on a buyback contract with us. To discuss the options and what might be suitable for your farming system, please get in contact with us. 

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New Investigations

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Click the image to find out more about our range of spring and winter naked oats.


These are marketed under our Superioats brand to various end users. Industries include wild bird feed, dog food, poultry and horses, with their versatility reaching as far as cosmetics.

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