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GB Seeds has been at the forefront of naked oats in the UK for many years; covering all aspects of the crop across the entire food chain, from seed production to the development of end markets. 


Naked Oats are a white straw break crop which thresh free from the husk during harvest.



Superioats naked oats are not just oats that thresh free from the husk – they are a naturally nutrient-dense groat with high digestible energy. Agrii's blackgrass trials at Stow Longa have shown that spring oats, including our Superioats, are a great option for grassweed control situations.


Naked oats are offered on our premium-based buyback contract – secured on production of area, not tonnage. Optimise your profits by growing a lower input, high margin break crop with a guaranteed market through GB Seeds. With a strong demand that outweighs current supply, our Superioats contract offers attractive premiums over AHDB feed wheat.


Superioats provide excellent nutritional values for flaking, malting or animal feeds, such as wild bird food, dog, poultry and horse feed, with their versatility reaching as far as cosmetics.

Although a modest market, naked oats are sold throughout the world into a range of different sectors. This demonstrates the versatility and respect this crop has gained. 

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Spring Varieties

The most well-established spring naked oat variety with yields slightly higher than Oliver in more northern sites. Lennon has been tried and tested with end-users and is widely accepted.

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A spring naked oat that has produced slightly higher yields in more southern sites in Agrii trials when compared with Lennon. Oliver has also shown to have slightly larger grain size with better screenings and a good specific weight.

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Winter Varieties

Peloton is a NEW variety in the naked oat market and sits as the highest yielding of winter varieties.

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Fusion has proved to be a high yielding semi-dwarf variety. A PGR programme is not required due to its short stiff straw, a good variety choice for areas where lodging is a high risk.

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Grafton is a popular older naked oat variety. It is early maturing with good specific weight and low screenings. A PGR programme is required as it is tall with moderate straw strength.

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