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GB Seeds was formed in 2000 as a management buyout from the long established seed business of George Burlingham & Sons Ltd.

In 2009, the company was acquired by Masstock Arable UK Ltd, who then went on to combine with UAP to form Agrii. GB Seeds is now the specialist grain marketing division of Agrii

GB Seeds operates from a purpose built site in Ingham (Suffolk), with close vicinity to the main A14 road. There you will find our main office and processing plant. We offer 3 day and next day services on the full range of products we have to offer.



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Although we buy and sell in different currencies, GB Seeds is committed to the protection of our fragile environment. We aim to source products and seeds as close to our production facilities as possible. This is becoming increasingly difficult, resulting in the need to source options from outside of the UK. With this in mind we are always in discussion with growers, looking to give them an opportunity to diversify on home soil. We aim to help the future of UK agriculture, whilst sourcing as ethically as possible.

Over the years we have worked to identify varieties which can be grown in the UK. This way we are able to source UK grown products instead of those in Central Europe, Asia or the USA. This has had a significant impact for us and reduced food miles for many of our products. The team at GB Seeds continues to research ways to improve the Life Cycle Analysis of our products.

We're proud to be a part of Agrii's Green Horizons Initiative - working towards creating a sustainable future for food production. 

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We have our own high capacity production unit at the GB Seeds site in Bury St Edmunds, and can also draw upon the UK-wide seed production resources of Agrii. This means that we have the flexibility to produce all types of seeds. We can can clean and grade seeds to the exacting standards demanded by our customers.

We take our quality and production so seriously that we have undertaken a Master Class Activity. This was run in conjunction with the Cereals Industry Forum. As a result, we have improved throughput efficiency, have less wastage, and better management structures leading to improved service levels and profitability.



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