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This type of pea is generally referred to as a 'blue pea' in the UK due to the effect that

the translucent hull has on the green cotyledons inside. Once they are split open they are

known as green peas.

Seeds range from 230-300g per 1000 seeds) and have a variety of end markets including pet food and human consumption.

A range of varieties are available offering different maturity and straw characteristics suitable for different situations. The most important factor in variety choice is colour retention. We see wide differences in the range of genetic ability to naturally prevent bleaching and colour loss, however variety choice must be used in conjunction with a proactive management system that avoids leaving crops too long in the field once they reach maturity.

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Daytona has been the leading blue pea for quality and colour retention now for many years.


It has consistently delivered samples of good colour retention across a range of conditions better than other blue pea competitor varieties. This gives growers the best chance of maximising premiums offered into the human and micronising pet food market.


Daytona is one of the earlier blue peas available and also has good scores for standing ability and downy mildew resistance.

Greenwood is a smaller seeded green (blue) pea with very good colour retention.


The ability to retain colour aids growers in achieving the best samples and hitting the highest returns.


Greenwood has moderate straw strength and disease resistance, it is the earliest maturing variety currently available, which is an important characteristic when growing for premium markets.


Another new addition to the Descriptive List, Stroma is a large seeded green pea. It is one of the earlier maturing varieties available.

It is of average height compared to other varieties and has good straw stiffness.


Large seed size and good colour retention make Stroma a good fit for premium end users.

Kactus has performed consistently in recent seasons, it is high yielding and is shorter than some other pea varieties.


It has excellent resistance to downy mildew and has a larger seed size compared to some other varieties.


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Large green (blue) pea with reasonable yields over a wide range of soil types.


Medium seed size which is suited to a wide range of end uses.


Karioka is good quality with decent colour retention. Downy mildew resistance is moderate.


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Greenway is a new high yielding variety with excellent resistance to downy mildew. It is tall but has relatively strong stem stiffness.

Greenway has good colour retention and is suitable for a range of end markets including human consumption and micronising.



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