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Linseed fits well with those growers looking for options to manage their grassweeds. With excellent buyback contracts available, growers can lock in margin right from the start.


Consistently a very high yielding variety in trials and on-farm and continues to be the highest yielding variety in AHDB Descriptive List trials.

Excellent early vigour and high oil content.

Slightly later to mature than most varieties so best suited to Lincolnshire and further south.


A relative newcomer to the AHDB Descriptive List with consistent high yields, early flowering and mid-early maturity.


Average yields but it comes with earlier maturity than Juliet.


It has shown consistent performance on-farm and remains our most popular brown linseed variety.


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Ingot is a high yielding yellow linseed, with excellent standing power and good agronomic characteristics. 

A preferred variety for the food sector.


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