Good article released in Farmers Weekly looking at spring cropping with specific mention on oats and naked oats. Growers should be looking to this option particularly as they show value in rotation and can offer great gross margin opportunities.

Growers these days are looking at alternatives to secure on farm margin. When looking at how some of the winter cousins are also now suffering with competition from the dreaded blackgrass, spring husbandry is being looked to as a solution. To add to this yield variability seems to be more prominent in winter crops than spring crops.

As mentioned they are competitive against grass weeds, and in some trials are arguably the most competitive. Due to the nature of spring crop they also give security in spreading workloads during the peak of the season; thus allowing growers to focus their attention to what really needs to be harvested. With this in mind growers stand a better chance at maximizing the value of all cropping on their land. Improving this value inevitably means that on farm margins increase.

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