A large part of Agrii’s online summer event (currently live here) focuses on where to go next with cropping. Many rotations have gone askew this year because of the lack of drilling opportunities available – making consideration of alternative crops all the more important. In the ‘rotations revamp’ section of this event, the Agrii team looks at some of the new systems being explored, as well as novel crops and new ways to view traditional rotations. Some of the Agrii trials results might be easily adapted to fit your existing crops, equipment and management, other examples may point you in new directions, where you can modify your rotations to make more practical, profitable and sustainable choices.

You can watch the event at www.agrii.co.uk/summerevents. If you’re a customer of Agrii you should already have received a unique code to log in. If not, just fill in your details by following that link to register your interest and you’ll be sent a code to enter the event by email.