Some growers will choose to grow beans, as they will suit the soil and farming system more appropriately than Peas.

Winter beans offer large seeded types of various shapes and good protein content suited for the home and export feed markets and the export food markets, generally for the splitters in North Africa. Spring beans are used for similar end markets with some subtle differences relating to export or specialist feed. Growers will have a good range of varieties to choose from depending on soil type in relation to straw height and strength, disease resistance, maturity or yield in a particular part of the country.

LVC spring beans

Beans which are low in Vicene and Convicene (LVC) are suited to use in animal feed at higher inclusion rates without adverse reaction to performance, this will vary between animal types. There has been some interest from the monogastric producers in using LVC beans as a substitute for a certain percentage of imported Soya, as a home grown protein this has the effect of lowering the carbon food print for the end product. Protein levels are also good for LVC types. Agronomically LVC types are comparable with conventional varieties, with some differences to straw height, straw strength and maturity between varieties

  • Tiffany
  • Victus

Tic spring beans

This is a specialist market for small seeded types for use in the pigeon food industry. Traditionally Maris bead which has been around since 1964 suits this market as it has a consistently even seed size. It is a variety with lower yields and taller straw with later maturity but retains good pest and disease resistance in the field.

  • Maris Bead

Conventional spring beans

The majority of spring beans are targeted at the North African export market, for this growers need to achieve even size, large if possible with clear bright seed coats, low staining and low bruchid damage or contamination. In some years this is difficult to achieve due to climate pressure, however some geographical areas will achieve better quality than others and ultimately variety choice may also help this process

  • Lynx
  • Vertigo
  • Fanfare
  • Fuego
  • Other varieties available