Positive about Pulses


We're Positive about Pulses!

GB Seeds (as a trading division of Agrii) have been specialists in a range of  pulses in the UK for many years.
We pride ourselves on our expertise and experience in this field.

This is complimented by the utilisation of  Agrii R&D knowledge, enabling us to work in harmony with the needs of the UK food and feed industry.

Pulses help contribute to sustainable production and are a long term core product for the business. We value the benefit to the environment, soil health and the overall beneficial contribution to the rotation.

We have been working closely with end users and plant breeders to ensure that we select the right varieties for the market. This gives us just the right balance in producing a high quality for the end user whilst maintaining returns for growers. As a result we can keep pulses firmly as a priority cropping option for them.

Our forward contracts aim to reflect the needs of all collaborators in the supply chain. We are keen to engage in a supply route which enables high level communication with all parties.

GB Seeds offers various buyback opportunities for Pulses and look to extend our specialist growers whilst working towards developing for the longer term.

Whether growing peas or beans, pulses offer an excellent break in the rotation! Especially to extend the gap to, or as an alternative to, Oilseed Rape.

Varieties of Peas and Beans

In order to provide the best varieties we work extensively with breeders assessing new varieties through the Agrii trials network. New pea and bean varieties must pass through rigorous assessment both in the field and in achieving the desired quality.

Close attention to the needs of end users helps us to make  variety choices aligned with market demand. Pulses are increasingly a specialist market requiring attention to detail throughout the whole process, GB Seeds prides itself on having that involvement through all aspects of the variety development through to end user approval.

Working with growers in a collaborative way enables GB Seeds and growers to jointly focus as a partnership on delivering good yields and quality helping to  maximise on-farm gross margins.