At GB Seeds we specialise in working with added value crops and grains.

We offer a range grain for the supply chain with the aim of delivering the best product possible.

Working in various crop species, including our Naked Oats which are offered under our Superioats brand, we give growers a chance to diversify their cropping options.

As a part of Agrii UK we also offer a range of seeds for farmers to grow!

GB Seeds are the Specialist Grain Marketing division of Agrii


Company Info

Based in the heart of East Anglia, GB Seeds is a diverse seeds company developing specialist markets. We focus on developing specialised crops such as Naked Oats offered through our Superiots brand. We also look to supply various seed products for bird feed and animal feed; whilst offering seed of cereals, herbage and game cover seeds through our parent company Agrii.

We are able to offer cleaning and bagging of a wide range of products. These cover most bases of the wild bird food industry.

Through innovation and commitment we hope to deliver quality products with a personal service. With the aim of creating opportunities for our growers and consumers.


GB Seeds is a division of

Latest News

Crop News

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Weed Suppression and Tolerance in Winter Oats

Nick Fradgley and co-authors look into the winter oat crops ability to tolerate weeds and suppress them. Looking to give insights and advice on weed management. In particular looking to take an agroecological approach. Oats have been said by many to be a very competitive crop, and with the lack of chemical control available this becomes even more important. The study assessed five husked varieties and three naked varieties. Weed tolerance [...]

Filling more kernels to increase oat yields!

Art McElroy, research co-ordinator at PhytoGene Resources, delves into how growers can boost oat yields by filling more kernels. Although this research is based in Canada, there may be lots for all of us to learn. Art asks the important questions on “What yield parameters were changing? What stresses could be causing these differences? Was there genetic variability for stress resistance”. This all in the aim to understand why oat yields of [...]

Bird News

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New Truck

GB Seeds & Agrii are delighted to announce the addition of a new 26 tonne truck to our fleet, Not only is this truck more fuel efficient then it predecessor but will help us to continue and deliver an excellent customer experience !

Minimising Disease Risks In Wild Birds

Minimising Disease Risks Minimising common diseases of garden birds are spread by contamination of food with the droppings or saliva of infected birds. The risk increases when many birds feed at the same places day after day for long periods. To minimise the risks: • Use several feeding sites, to reduce numbers at any one place • ‘Rotate’ between feeding sites, so not all are in constant use — rest periods [...]

Cropping through GB Seeds

The ‘Naked Oat’ is not just an oat which threshes free from the husk but one that has unique properties. It is a nutrient dense natural groat with high digestible energy. Although a modest market, this product is sold throughout the world into a range of different sectors. Demonstrating the versatility and respect this crop has gained.

Our brand ‘Superioats’ is a natural groat providing excellent nutritional values. Used for flaking, baking, malting or animal feed including wild bird food, dog food, pigs, poultry and horses; with its versatility reaching as far as cosmetics.

For more information have a look at our Superioats page

GB Seeds Cereals

With years of experience we contract grow with specialist growers all grades of seed for cereals, pulses and oilseeds.

We have access to an extensive range of varieties of all products. These range from brand new varieties added to the AHDB recommended lists as well as exclusive varieties that are managed in-house.

All products are offered with our highest grade through our Masterseed brand. We also offer a full range of current seed treatments and utilise Agrii’s capabilities and vast distribution network of Agrii’s.

Certified seed gives the grower a peace of mind and a guarantee of quality allowing them to maximize production and return from a wise investment.

‘Seed doesn’t cost, it pays!’

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Herbage and Cover Crops

If you’re looking for high quality grass and fodder crops GB Seeds is your choice.

Utilising Agrii’s knowledge and logistic capabilities we can offer a range of high quality products straight to your door.

Grass is offered through our Master Leys range where we strive for

  • Yield
  • Quality
  • Winter hardiness
  • Sward density
  • Sesonality of growth
  • Life span
  • Disease resistance

Game Cover

Game Cover Seeds are supplied with the aim to meet the needs of every shoot.

Choices of either straights or mixtures can be supplied to meet the cover and feed requirements of every keeper.

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GB Seeds was formed in 2000 as an MBO from the long established seed business of George Burlingham & Sons Ltd. The new company has embraced the changing world of agriculture. We now market seeds for feed into a wide range of markets including wild bird feed, ingredients for pet foods. We also offer commercial seed for farmers and wholesalers. Adding value to a commodity and marketing quality products both at home and abroad.

GB Seeds is committed to maintaining a personal and quality of service which is demanded today. We do this without losing touch of traditional values required between supplier and consumer.

In 2009, the company was acquired by Masstock Arable UK, who have since combined with UAP to form Agrii.

Although we buy and sell in different currencies, GB Seeds are committed to the protection of our fragile environment. We aim to source products and seeds as close to our production facilities as possible. This is becoming increasingly difficult, resulting in the need to source options from outside of the UK. With this in mind we are always in discussion with growers, looking to give them an opportunity to diversify on home soil. We aim to help the future of UK agriculture, whilst sourcing as ethically as possible.

Over the years we have worked to identify varieties which can be grown in the UK. This way we are able to source UK grown products instead of those in Central Europe, Asia or the USA. This has had a significant impact for us and reduced food miles for many of our products. GB Seeds continue to research ways to improve the Life Cycle Analysis of our products.

We have also invested in the ability to offer re-cleaned product to aid our customers getting the best product and the one they are after.

Plant & Operations

NOTICE: Our plant is still currently running but is due to close by September 2018.

GB Seeds operates from a purpose built site in Ingham (Suffolk), with close vicinity to the main A14 road. There you will find our main office and two processing plants.

We have the flexibility to produce all types of seeds from our high capacity production units. We can can clean and grade seeds to the exacting standards demanded by our customers.

We also have the flexibility to mix to customer specification into customised packs.

We take our quality and production so seriously that the company has undertaken a Master Class Activity.

This was run in conjunction with the Cereals Industry Forum. We have improved throughput efficiency, have less wastage, better management structures leading to improved service levels and profitability.

Transport – We offer our customers transport using our own vehicles.

We offer 3 day and next day services on the full range of products we have to offer.