Varieties of Superioats Naked Oats

In order to provide the best Superioats Naked Oats varieties we work extensively with breeders and the Agrii trials network.

Focusing on delivering good yields, great grain with a good disease package to maximise on-farm gross margin.

Peloton – The New Winter Naked Oat on the Block

Peloton is a new addition to the recommended list and currently sits as the highest yielding winter naked oat.

It is a moderate height stiff strawed variety whilst being slightly later to mature than Grafton. Good resistances to mildew and crown rust mean this should be a relatively easy variety to manage.

With good specific weight and low screenings, this looks set to be accepted by end-users.

Grafton – The Tried and Tested Winter Naked Oat

Grafton is the most widely grown winter naked oat that has been on farm for many years.

Earlier maturity, average crown rust ratings, manageable mildew, with decent grain quality and good specific weight.

Conventional height giving added straw value, with flexible drilling dates, Grafton is a serious contender on farm.

Fusion – The Pocket Rocket of Winter Naked Oats

A semi-dwarf variety with very stiff straw cutting out the need for PGR, Fusion is suited to heavy-land or exposed-land situations.

Good grain quality, with both mildew and crown rust needing to be kept on top of.

Slightly later to mature, with high yields, Fusion has performed well on farm.

Lennon – A Competitive Spring Naked Oat

A spring naked oat variety with high oil content.

Is shorter than most conventional spring oats with better standing power than it’s predecessor, Bullion.

Good disease resistance, particularly on crown rust, with manageable mildew.

Being a spring oat, Lennon is a great option for grass weed control situations