Superioats – The Naked Oat

What makes Superioats Naked Oats so Special?

Superioats Naked Oats are not just oats which thresh free from the husk but they have unique properties. They are a natural groat that are nutrient dense with high digestible energy.

Although a modest market this product is sold throughout the world. Giving itself into a range of different sectors demonstrating the versatility and respect this crop has gained.

Superioats provide excellent nutritional values for flaking, malting or animal feeds such as wild bird food, dog food, poultry, and horses with its versatility reaching as far as cosmetics.

The Naked Oat

We are committed to the future of the industry and have been involved in a number of projects to progress oats and oat products for many years. Some of the projects include:


an objective to consider how advanced breeding techniques can produce bespoke varieties for commercial exploitation

AFENO (Avian Feed Efficiency from Naked Oats)

investigated the use of oats in poultry rations.


a sustainable arable link project connecting all aspects of oat development, marketing and usage.

Why grow our Superioats Naked Oats?

  • Winter and spring varieties

  • Improved agronomic performance through Agrii intelligence

  • Excellent gross margin figures

  • Strong demand

  • Secure buyback contracts