Superioats The Naked Oat


Superioats – UK grown Naked Oats

GB Seeds (as a trading division of Agrii) have been at the forefront of naked oats in the UK for many years; covering all aspects of the crop.
Focused on the entire chain from seed production to the development of the end markets.

We work closely with end users and plant breeders to enhance and raise the profile of this high value quality product.

We focus our attention on all aspects from the needs of the grower to the needs of the end-user. This gives us an incredible insight into how this crop needs to be developed, grown and marketed.

Our brand ‘Superioats’ is a natural groat providing excellent nutritional values.

The Naked Oat Crop is offered on our premium buy back contract, secured and based on acreage not tonnage.
They offer a good break in the rotation especially to extend the gap with Oilseed Rape.We are committed to the future of this crop and the industry.
We have been involved in a number of projects including OATEC, AFENO (Avian Feed Efficiency from Naked Oats) and QUOATS.
We utilise our knowledge to work more closely with the entire chain, from the grower to the end-user.