Minimising Disease Risks

Minimising common diseases of garden birds are
spread by contamination of food with the
droppings or saliva of infected birds. The risk
increases when many birds feed at the same
places day after day for long periods. To
minimise the risks:

• Use several feeding sites, to reduce
numbers at any one place

• ‘Rotate’ between feeding sites, so not all
are in constant use — rest periods will help
to reduce infection levels

• Clean and disinfect feeders/feeding sites
regularly*, especially in the months January to
May. Rinse and air-dry feeders before re-use

• Maintain careful personal hygiene
Brushes and equipment used for cleaning bird
feeders, tables and baths should not be used
for other purposes and should be kept and
used outside. Rubber gloves should be worn
and hands should be washed afterwards (some
diseases can also affect humans and pets).

source / reference:  Garden Wildlife Health (