GB Seeds Varieties

GB Seeds, through Agrii, offer a range of varieties from newly added varieties to the AHDB recommended lists as well as exclusive varieties that are managed in-house. We offer the highest grade seed with our Masterseed brand which is cleaned to a higher standard than normal HVS. We offer a full range of current seed treatments; all processes are fully automated using the latest technology, together with complete traceability. We utilise the capabilities and vast distribution network of Agrii’s 3 main plants – Moreton, Finmere & Lincoln.

We are licensed to produce seed by NIAB and DEFRA.

Certified seed gives the grower a peace of mind and a guarantee of quality allowing them to maximize production and return from a wise investment.

We currently offer a wide range of varieties, of which some are listed below.

For more details and other options please contact us.

Oil Seed Rape Varieties:

We offer a range of OSR varieties to meet a growers needs including:

HYBRID   | DK Exalte | InV1035 | Alizze | Ambassador | DK ExStar |

CONVENTIONAL   | Elgar | Nikita | Anastasia | Aspire | Aardvark |

CLEARFIELD  | DK Impressario | PT279CL |

CLUBROOT   | Crome |

OIL MARKETS   | V316OL | Rocca |

 Oats Varieties:

Working ever more closely with breeders we offer conventional and naked oat options to increase on farm value:

Winter options include

| Mascani | Grafton (naked oat) | Fusion (naked oat) | Peloton (naked oat) |

Spring options include

| WPB Elyann | Canyon | Lennon (naked oat) | Oliver (naked oat) |

Barley Varieties:

Agrii trials support our growth and understanding of this crop where we can offer:

Winter options include

6 ROW   | Bazooka (hybrid) | Sunningdale (hybrid) | Funky |

2 ROW   | Memento | California | KWS Glacier | KWS Tower | SY Venture (malt) |

Spring options include

| Propino | RGT Planet | Laureate | Explorer |

Pulse Varieties:

With rotations under pressure and growers looking to capture market value, we offer a range of pules options to help diversify your farm:

Winter Bean options include

| Bumble | Tundra | Wizard |

Spring Bean options include

| Tiffany | Fuego | Lynx |

Spring Pea options include

LARGE BLUE | Daytona | Mankato |

YELLOW | Ragtime | Kareni | Karpate |

Wheat Varieties:

In this ever changing environment growers seek high yields and quality. We endeavor to source the best varieties for on farm production and include:

Winter options include

GROUP 1 | RGT Skyfall | KWS Zyatt |

GROUP 2 | KWS Siskin | KWS Lili |

GROUP 3 | KWS Firefly | KWS Barrel | KWS Basset | Elicit |

GROUP 4(S) | Bennington | LG Sundance | Revelation | Elation |

GROUP 4(H) | Graham | Dickens | KWS Sanitago | Dunston | KWS Kerrin | Costello |

Spring options include

GROUP 1 | Mulika |

GROUP 2 | KWS Willow | Tybalt | KWS Chilham |  KWS Cochise |

GROUP 4(H) | KWS Alderon | KWS Kilburn |

All current varieties are available subject to safe certification and current stock levels.
For any information regarding these varieties and there availability please call the seed desk on 01284 729200.
Throughout the entire growing and production process our seed production and processing is monitored by our internal Agrii staff.