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At GB Seeds we specialize in producing and delivering quality products for the bird feed trade whilst offering great value for money. Our wide selection incorporates feed for both wild and domestic birds, to view this extensive range click here.

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GBSeeds are major suppliers of a wide range of bird feed products for wild birds, pigeons and animal feed industries. Our expertise cover all aspects of sourcing, processing and marketing and we supply a number of major distributors in the UK.

GB Seeds have the relationship and expertise to source from the UK, France, Holland, Belgium as well as Eastern Europe, Africa and China. Wherever possible we source direct from growers and as close to home as is practical. Working closely with our partners to continually develop the products to best suit their needs and maximise sales and returns is a key part of our business strategy.

In the past, our wild birds enjoyed considerably more natural food sources than today; modern farming, creeping concrete, buildings and pollution have all contributed to the decrease of the song birds. Now, due to our better understanding, caring and feeding requirements, this decrease has slowed and signs of re-population are on the increase. 20 years ago bread and bacon rinds were hung from wooden bird tables, then peanuts became popular, with their high oil content and the birds enjoyed a wholesome food. Today, seeds are widely used, as we have become more sophisticated in our knowledge of birds nutritional requirements.

To prevent the further decline, we need to feed our birds all the year round, in fact we can lose more birds in a dry summer than a cold winter. Wild bird food is now readily available from more and more outlets, in a wider range than ever before. Our job is to ensure the seed selected is of low waste, low mess, of high nutritional value, with the economy of the household in mind. We need to protect the environment and support our wildlife. Feeding wild birds everyday allows us to enjoy the spectacle of colour, activity and pleasure they bring.